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Program Activities

All FDVC (Fiji Dive Volunteer [Marine] Conservation) programs provide a great variety of social and fun activities that help to make your Fiji experience special and a memorable part of your gap year adventure. Join us on Facebook.

Savusavsu will be your main base, and will become your “Hidden Paradise”, a place you will never want to leave. You will learn to take life at a slower pace, become known to locals as you join them in their every-day activities such as strolling along the main street or beach, greeting people by name, choosing exotic fruits and vegetables as you wander through the market and sitting on local buses chatting to your new friends or bathing in beautiful waterfalls. Learn about the culture of Fiji and soak up the tropical Fiji weather.

Culture in Fiji

A major highlight of your program is the traditional Sevusevu Ceremony, where you are welcomed by your village and adopted as one of their own. Then you truly belong and are welcome to return whenever you like!

As well as staying with your host family and experiencing daily life in a Fijian village, you will also visit other villages and get to participate in lots of traditional Fijian activities. Kava drinking, singing, dancing, weaving, fan making, riding on a bilibili raft and climbing coconut palms are some of the many fun experiences you get to enjoy. You also learn about local food and even prepare a lovo feast on the 6 Week programs (traditional food cooked in an underground pit) which you then get to share with all your new friends. On Sundays you can join a colourful Fijian island church service where you will hear amazing singing.

You won´t have time to think about what to do in Fiji, FDVC has it covered!

Friends, Fun and Fijian Tan!

The programs are a great way to meet new people - sharing cocktails by the pool, or under a swaying palm tree watching the sun set and dancing till dawn.

The FDVC programs ensure that your Fiji time allows plenty of relaxation and recreation. Sports such as touch rugby and volleyball give you plenty of opportunities to spend time with your new friends, and meet local Fijians. You can go hiking to a local river or different waterfalls and you can really work on that Fijian tan as you sit back and absorb the Fiji weather and the relaxed atmosphere of your tropical paradise! Perfect as a special part of your gap year program.