marine conservation

FDVC (Fiji Dive Volunteer [Marine] Conservation)

Join us in Fiji the paradise of the South Pacific. Have the best time enjoying a unique gap year experience that you will never forget and make friends you will have forever. FDVC programs combine certified dive training, marine conservation training and  volunteer project, Fijian-style hospitality and a variety of cultural and fun activities –guaranteed to give you the time of your life!

With over 300 islands, and abundant marine life, Fiji is the soft coral capital and home of some of the best dive sites in the world. You will find that there is nowhere better to experience the thrill of life under the sea.

In this largely untouched part of the world, life is still relaxed. You will live at a slower pace, hang out with the locals and there are no large tourist developments or commercialism. Everywhere you are welcomed with a smile and the word ‘Bula’, and it won’t be long before you feel so at home that you never want to leave.

Immerse yourself in our big-hearted Fijian culture and experience this Pacific Island paradise!

Our FDVC programs are flexible and PADI certified. Whether you are a beginner diver, or a more experienced diver wanting to undertake our Dive Master Internship, our programs are for you! Enjoy some of the best diving that Fiji has to offer, as you scuba dive in the spectacular marine environment of Savusavu, the Hidden Paradise of Fiji, and volunteer in an important marine conservation volunteer project.

Our programs offer a unique combination of activities for chilling out with your new friends, soaking up the sun and the local culture, and dancing till dawn.

And check out your Accommodation! Living by uncrowded beaches under swaying palm trees, you get to share the hospitality of Fijian families and take in their way of life.

So immerse yourself in our big-hearted Fijian culture and experience this Pacific Island paradise! Come and have a fantastic gap year experience with us in Fiji, and take away memories and friendships that you will never forget. Have the time of your life!